Valentine’s Day is approaching and “romantic feels” may be in the air. But you don’t necessarily have to be head over heels for people, technology can be a great companion too. Such as a portable hotspot, it is there for you in your time of need and keeps you connected. We’re not just talking about any hotspot, we’re talking about Solis. Presentations on why you should swipe right for someone is increasingly popular so it may be something worth trying on your dating profile if you have one. But you’re probably wondering what are the reasons to “swipe right” for Solis? That is: 

We’re Your Ultimate Travel Companion

We’re by your side in 130+ countries and we’ve limited your concern for needing to worry about a physical sim card! Luckily, Solis provides coverage in plenty of places where you may experience little to no wifi without the concern of needing a physical sim card. If you’re curious about our coverage areas you can find out more here

We’re Attractive

We must admit we’re equipped with a modern and sleek design. Our radiant, orange, puck shaped device is perfect for fitting in your bag or pocket on the go. Not only is it the perfect size for your travels, it sparks curiosity so it’s a great conversation starter for explaining the gift of portable wifi to your family and friends! If you want to keep your traveling companion protected you can always add a compact travel case to your cart.



Do What We Can To Suit Your Needs

From our variety of data plans to our endless list of coverage areas to our ability to keep you connected on up to 10 devices; we can ensure you have options. We have data plans suitable for short term travel, long term travel, RV life, remote work and schooling, road trips, one day usage, and more. It’s great to know that you have options when it comes to choosing the data plan you need. We know life can change at any moment and maybe you’ve decided that you need wifi full time to live out those dreams of backpacking and seeing the world.


You Have Our Support

There are many ways to get in contact with our support team. From phone, to email, to live chat in apps and on the website, even on our social media platforms. While we recommend live chat for immediate and quick support, you will always receive a response on our other platforms as we like to ensure every customer concern is handled efficiently and effectively. 


We’ve Established Trust

We’ve been recommended by an endless amount of sources like Forbes, PCMag, Yahoo, and more. And we don’t mean to brag about the 4 star rating on TrustPilot. If you’re an individual that takes some time before putting your trust in a company, we even provide a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee; because we truly care about making our customers feel secure and safe when choosing to purchase from Solis! 


Community Matters

We’re not the company to care less about our customers once they make the sale. We want to keep a sense of community and family so we’ve provided a plethora of programs to make that happen. One program Solis users seem to love is our Affiliate Program because as an affiliate you have the ability to make shared revenue just for sharing and talking about a product that you love!


Once your affiliate you even get access to our private Facebook group where you can mingle and collaborate with other affiliates and share the Solis love. Community doesn’t just have to be within our company, but giving back to others as well; which is why we have made efforts to participate in Giving Tuesday! 

Are you already a current Solis customer? Share with us why you decided to “swipe right” on our social media pages @MySolisWifi. If you’re not, let us know why you would “swipe right”. We’re always excited to communicate with our hotspot users and use their feedback to continue to improve and expand our products and services! 


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