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How Solis Works

1. Grab a Solis Global Hotspot

Have your own private, secure and portable Wi-Fi connection wherever you go.

2. Register Your Hotspot

Create your account and connect a Solis Hotspot.

3. Choose Your Wi-Fi Plan

Use your included Lifetime Data plan or purchase the best Wi-Fi option for you—by the GB or by the day or month.

4. Enjoy Wi-Fi Anywhere

Stay connected to the strongest available signal from across town or across the world!

Domestic & International Coverage in 135+ Countries

Our network of over 200 local carriers worldwide, offers seamless Wi-Fi connection at the push of a button.


How nok tryouts work

Zero Down

That’s right. No deposit required, your tryout is 100% free.

We ship it free

Get it to your door within 3 days, shipped free.

Have fun

Try it in the comfort of your own home for 7-days.

Keep or Return it

Loved it? You can keep it and we’ll bill your credit card. Not into it? Return it with the included label, for free.

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