One of the main components of your trip is determining where to book your stay. There are many factors that play a part in settling on room reservations such as cost, location, ratings, amenities, etc. With fairly new vacation rental companies like Airbnb, the number of options on where to secure your stay has vastly increased! But what if you’re questioning the benefits of each? We’ve created a list of pros and cons to help you make the best decision when arranging your next travel itinerary.

Reasons to Book an Airbnb


Airbnbs are generally cheaper than hotels; if they do come with a hefty price tag they usually include more space or features like intimate breakfasts sponsored by the hosts, billiards tables and/or outdoor patio entertainment like barbecue grills, pools, etc. If you’re trying to lower your costs (even more) while traveling, or traveling alone Airbnb features options to share a space and/or room at one location with other people. You could potentially stay in a prime location for under $60 a night with a shared space. 


Hotel amenities like the pool, offices, and gyms are usually shared spaces. Staying at an airbnb cancels the concern of shared amenities. Especially if you were hoping for a more intimate or private experience during your stay. Hotels usually have designated hours for their amenities, which is something you wouldn’t need to consider at an airbnb.

Contactless Experience 

Many Airbnbs allow you to have a contactless check-in/out experience with the self checkout features. This is ideal for many people amidst the pandemic. You can contact your host, pay for your room, and request more essentials all via the app. Which is convenient if you happen to remember you need a reup on toiletries while you’re out. The host could have it replaced and ready for when you return to your room. 


A More Authentic Experience 

Airbnbs are purchased properties in regular neighborhoods, so you have the chance to experience the location as a local versus as a tourist. This means access to recommended hotspots that surpass hotel tourist recommendations! You’re bound to find better eateries for a lesser amount when you’re given the recommendation from a neighbor. Hotels sometimes partner up with local restaurants in the area for the advertisement, so you can end up with longer wait times and mediocre food. Living as a local during your stay is not even an experience a five star hotel can give you. If you seek enrichment during your travels, this may be a plus for you!


Reasons to Book A Hotel 

 Room Service 

Airbnbs have cleaning fees, but it doesn’t include an actual room service that comes in daily during your stay to refresh and clean the room throughout your stay. So it’s truly up to you to keep the space up to par during your visit. For some travelers this is a deal breaker, because many see a vacation as a period of relaxation and do not want to housekeep during their stay! 

Complimentary Breakfast 

Complimentary breakfast is usually included in the price of the room during your stay. This is one less meal to account for in your spending. There are usually tasty options provided like fresh fruit, bagels, eggs, and sometimes unlimited tea and coffee (which is always a plus)! 


24/7 Reception 

You can check in any time of the day without worrying about a super late arrival. Another perk is a staff member always being present on premises in case something goes wrong during your visit. 


Ideal For Short Term Stays 

If you’re traveling for business, a hotel might be ideal due to its quick and easy check in process. You also won’t be scoping out amenities if you’re working, so the luxurious experience or additional features won’t be as much of a concern. 

Our list is not saying that one is better than the other, rather it is giving you things to consider when choosing where to book your reservation. Think about factors like the location you are visiting and the length of your stay.  Staying in prime locations like big cities or commercial areas will cost more than a hotel just outside the city; so to experience the location at a lower cost you may settle for an airbnb. We’ve concluded that an airbnb is great for an extended stay since they normally come with fully equipped kitchens. If you’re only staying a couple of nights, a kitchenette at a hotel may be more suitable. If it’s a business trip, maybe your company has already handled meal plans. 


The purpose of your trip will also determine whether an airbnb or hotel is more ideal. Many hotels cater to business travel more than an airbnb would. If you’re traveling for business, or are a vlogger, logging your travel for your next youtube video… internet access during your trip is essential. Hotel wifi is normally a concern because there are an abundance of devices connected to a few servers. Some may choose to stay at an airbnb to prevent this issue. But if you still decide to reserve a room at a hotel there are always solutions to consider such as a personal wifi hotspot like Solis. Then you can stay connected on your own fast and secure network, with up to ten of your own devices!



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