We’re happy to announce the launch of our new Solis portal! With our new and improved portal, you can monitor your hotspot status, check your data usage, purchase and manage your data plans with an optimized experience. Not only have we added features, but we’ve designed the portal to have a modern, innovative, and sleek appearance! 
There are a couple of ways to access the Solis portal:
You can do so by visiting solis.simo.co and logging in at any time!

Access the portal from the Solis website at soliswifi.co, then click on ‘Portal Login’ on the menu.
    Now that you’re in, let’s dive into some of the great features of the portal.
    Our portal is now easily accessible from anywhere! You can access the Solis portal on your desktop, tablet, smartphone, and laptop with a customized experience! The worries of having to be near a desktop to access the portal are now canceled. 
      You can now manage your plans just like you would in the Solis app! This includes purchasing a plan, changing a plan, buying more data, unsubscribing, enabling/disabling auto-reload, and applying coupon codes and prepaid codes.
        Users have the ability to allow guest users. With this feature, you can allow family or friends to check hotspot statuses and data plan usage without logging in or registering which is great when you’re using your hotspot as a group!
          With every update we make we are looking to improve things for simplicity and that is why we’ve made it possible to switch between hotspots with the touch of a button.
          After you’ve logged in, you can click on the hotspot name on the top left corner and select another hotspot from the dropdown list to check status and manage plans for the selected hotspot! Making switching between multiple hotspots on one account a breeze!
            While this may be a big adjustment and may take some time to navigate, you are certainly not alone and can reach out to our support team for further assistance! We would like to make our launch stress-free and an exciting experience for all of our Solis hotspot users so you can enjoy the portal as much as we do! 

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