Plenty of us look forward to the vacation, but not the part that includes packing and traveling. With these tips for traveling simply, it may no longer be dreadful, and you won't mind them when planning a trip, whether business or personal.


You may find it in your nature to want to see and do everything when you travel, but sometimes seeing less is more. When you have a traveling schedule that is just as compiled as your regular schedule, you’re not really enjoying each thing you’re doing on your trip. Instead, you’re concerned about compiling and cramming everything you’ve planned into a few days and you’re not enjoying the destination to the fullest, but rather running to do everything. Besides, you can always revisit the same place but different destinations, so what’s the rush?

Be sure to build in times to rest and actually plan activities you enjoy and not just things that are popular to visit in that specific destination or something a friend said you should try.

Pack what you ACTUALLY need.

How many times have you packed an outfit you’ve never worn since the day you purchased it, but suddenly think you’ll need it for your vacation? Well, you won’t. Your mind may say yes, but if you’ve gone this long without wearing it. Chances are…YOU DON’T! Unless you’ve been saving an outfit specifically for that trip. 

Pack what you need and don’t overpack thinking about the possibilities of needing something you left at home. Looking at the weather ahead helps. And you may be able to pack less clothes and just wash them at a local laundromat to save you the trouble of packing an outfit for every single day of your trip. This is the same for accessories as well, instead of packing a belt or necklace that goes with every outfit, try to find one that matches most if not all.

Live like a LOCAL.

Sometimes it’s worth dropping the expensive, fancy hotel. For an AirBNB that may be just as lavish for a less hefty price tag. Not only do you get to experience generally more space for less, but you get to stay in an actual neighborhood where people reside and get a true feel of the place you’re visiting and not what they stuff into tourist areas. Your experience will feel more authentic if you branch out this way. And you may learn even better spots than what the hotel would have suggested from the locals.

Establish a good WIFI SOLUTION.

If you must stay connected for your trip, worrying about reliable wifi can be a big stressor. Although many places like hotels, AirBNBs, and local businesses provide wifi… it may not always be the strongest or most reliable connection. 

In fact, you may visit a place that charges additionally for wifi at slower speeds and not the most secure network. 

Carrying a portable wifi device like a Solis hotspot device can help alleviate the stress of what to expect when dealing with public wifi and keep your information protected while traveling. Now you can feel secure in the wifi department when planning your trip. 


Hopefully these tips will help in planning your next trip whether it be short or long, business or personal; they are still just as beneficial. Let us know which tip you’ve tried and how it worked for you on our social media platforms @MySolisWifi!




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