Summer is approaching and so are fresh ideas! Our community members are utilizing their Solis Hotspots in plenty of ways from remote work and/or schooling to business travel. But how else can your orange bundle of joy be of use in these upcoming days filled with sun and fun? We’ve come up with 5 ways to enjoy your #SolisintheSun:
Road trips are a great way of spending quality time with your friends and family and seeing the world from a local perspective. They are filled with good eats, new experiences, and wonderful sights to see. Catching these moments are most important because you want to remember the good times. But what happens when you run into a dead zone with your current carrier and need a backup plan? You get a hotspot! With your Solis Hotspot, you’ll stay connected with a variety of carriers in the specific area and still have a means of streaming your trip live. This means the party isn’t over because you’ve only got one bar.
What’s summer without a visit to the beach? Many people love the beach whether it be spending time building sand castles, riding the waves, tanning, or taking photos in your new swimsuit for Facebook. Capturing these moments with everyone in the photo are key, but maybe you don’t want to ask a stranger “hey, can you take a photo of us?”. Instead, try bringing your Solis X Hotspot! Problem solved. With your camera feature you can snap a photo with everyone in it in no time. So a day at the beach will never be forgotten.


Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor; but where there’s Solis there is WiFi. Barbecues happen outside (obviously), but sometimes your home WiFi may not reach all the way out of the house. Plus when all of your guests are trying to connect to the same WiFi at once to post funny photos online, internet speeds can slow to a halt. So keep your guests entertained and yourself connected with a Solis Hotspot for extra connectivity!


Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party, but Summer is nature’s way of saying let’s jam! The perfect way to bring that in is with a picnic. Many parks don’t come equipped with WiFi, so bring your Solis Hotspot along in the basket to keep you connected when enjoying your lemonade beneath the trees. Now you’ll be able to stay connected and surf the web or stream music through Spotify without missing a beat!



Camping is an opportunity to get in touch with nature and enjoy what the wilderness has to offer. With the enjoyment of the great outdoors, nothing else matters; but suppose you’re interested in making a video call with family and friends to share the view and experience or simply check in. Being in the woods could result in the possible loss of service; but you’ll at least have a backup with a Solis Hotspot which can keep you connected to more than just your own phone company’s tower!



Whether you spend your summer hosting in the backyard for family or friends, or traveling for new views you’ll find that there is a need for staying connected in more ways than one. This can be a quick zoom call, or a family photo. The best way to keep yourself covered is with a Solis Hotspot because there is a WiFi plan for everyone and a device suitable for every traveler's needs!




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