5 Ways to Virtually Celebrate Mother's Day 2021 – soliswifi

Mother’s Day is about celebrating and honoring the mother of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Mother’s Day is normally celebrated over meals, with some gifts, and many flowers.

Although it is idealistic to spend Mother’s Day with your mother in person, this may not always be able to happen, due to things like distance, health, work, etc. But there still may be some time to celebrate virtually no matter where you are located! The most obvious method is through a video call, you can stay connected using your Solis Hotspot. There are also other ways to celebrate Mother's Day virtually:

1. Sending an E-Card

An E-Card is similar to a regular greeting card and/or postcard. The difference is that E-Cards are digitally created instead of paper or other traditional materials used to make tangible cards. They are usually sent instantly to the person’s email address. Companies like SmileBox make sending an E-Card easier than ever before. You can make your own E-Card without any design experience, for any occasion. E-Cards allow you to send special photos, music, videos, and a message.


2. Throwing a Surprise Virtual Party

Nothing beats a party in person, but there are still ways to stay connected and keep Mother’s Day fun! Throw your mother a surprise party through zoom with all her friends and family. You can celebrate the party with virtual games that are themed for Mother’s Day (e.g. Who Knows Mom Best.) To ensure the best internet service during the party you can stay connected with your Solis Hotspot and not miss a beat. It would be unfortunate to be whacked out of the call mid-discussion or game. You can even gift your mom some extra data (if she uses Skyroam) to ensure she stays connected for her party!

3. Take a Virtual Class Together

Enjoy a virtual class together whether that be a pilates or yoga class, cooking or baking, sewing, etc. Find a common interest and search for a virtual class. Make many memories with your mom and a unique experience you both can enjoy in a comfortable setting. You could even host a more personal virtual celebration before the class with just you and mom.

4. Host a Zoom Brunch/Dinner

Send her a meal from her favorite restaurant and enjoy it together via Zoom! No cooking or dishwashing is required! Spice the celebration up by sending fruit and/or candy basket or a floral arrangement to brighten her day even more!

5. Watch a Movie or TV Show Together

Have your mom select one of her favorite television shows or films or a choice of her pick and watch it together. Teleparty provides a new way of watching movies and shows with friends and family. Teleparty synchronizes video playback and comes equipped with a group chat feature. Access streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO. Set up a party, invite your mom, and begin. Don’t forget the theatre snacks! You can also determine the best Skyroam plan for streaming services to keep you tuned in during your virtual watch party!


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