How To Redeem PrePaid Wi-Fi Codes

NOTE: PrePaid codes are not yet available for Solis 5G hotspot plans.

To redeem using the Solis Wi-Fi App (recommended):

  1. Download the Solis Wi-Fi App & Register an account (if you don't have one already).
  2. Click on the Shop button
  3. Click “Apply Prepaid Code or Coupon Code”
  4. Enter the code provided above and click "Claim code" on the button at the bottom.
To redeem in the web portal:
  1. Go to and register an account (if you don't have one already).
  2. Click Shop
  3. Select Apply Prepaid Code or Coupon Code >
  4. Enter your unique Redemption Code and click Apply.

NOTE: You may be required to pair your hotspot to your account before redemption.

Tips for Code Redemption:

  • For Daypasses Your account will be credited with your Daypasses. Activate each daypass anytime to start your 24 hours of Wi-Fi.
  • For New Unlimited or GoData per GB Subscriptions Once you redeem this code, your 30 days of Unlimited Wi-Fi will begin and you will be subscribed to the plan ongoing. If you wish to cancel after the first month, you must unsubscribe at least 4 business days before your 30-day cycle ends.
  • For Top-Up GBs for GoData or Unlimited Subscriptions Check the date of your next Subscription billing cycle:
    • View this date in the "My Plan" section of the Solis App, or the "manage subscription" section of the Web Portal.
    • To best utilize your purchase, please redeem any top-up codes at the beginning of a billing cycle. This allows 30 days for GB consumption.
    • Like regular GBs, unused data expires at the end of your 30-day cycle and does not roll over.

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