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Who is Solis and what have we done with Skyroam? We’ve expanded. With a plethora of Solis Hotspot users in mind. We’ve made the decision to promote a brand that strives to make changes towards those who travel, in addition to, remote workers, stay at home parents, etc.

What Does This Mean?

Skyroam’s original intent was to build a community geared towards those who travel, but we’ve had “Skyroamers” find a variety of uses for their Solis Hotspots. While each Solis Hotspot device is built to accommodate those who are traveling among our 130+ countries that we cover (hence the name Skyroam); it has also been used to keep those connected from their comfort zones.


What Has Changed?

We’ve made improvements and still have many others in the works! We have welcomed new app updates that include features, such as SignalScan™, a feature keeping you connected to the best local signal in the area at the time. In addition to new features, we added new plans during COVID: USA Unlimited and USA Pay-Per-GB plans to better serve our high use customers who are traveling less frequently.


Should We Expect More Changes?

Of course! We are always expanding to new destinations and improving our devices and services. Hence, the addition of the power bank to the Solis Lite and the launch of our new website Soliswifi.co. Our new website launch not only comes with a new sleek appearance, but a simpler shopping experience and easier navigation!


While the name Skyroam may be missed by the company and consumers alike, change is inevitable and new beginnings are always refreshing. So while we say farewell to Skyroam, we welcome Solis and its major improvements!


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