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Solis WiFi offers a variety of data plans to ensure there is always something for everyone. With data by the day, month, or GB, our users are able to pick what works best for them, and save money in the process. While all of our WiFi options have their own perks and benefits, Solis WiFi's flexible GoData Subscription reins supreme for video streaming. 

Here's some of our tips and recommendations to help you optimize your streaming experience with Solis hotspots!

The GoData Advantage

Solis GoData is the most flexible and the most customizable WiFi plan we offer. It gives users the freedom to add as many high-speed GBs to their hotspot as they need, and cut back on data costs when they don't. This makes video streaming easier to accommodate, without committing to a higher priced unlimited subscription, or having data capped like a daypass.  

Our four GoData Subscriptions are differentiated by region: Global, US, EU and Asia. While Global GoData provides connection in over 130 countries, US, EU and Asia GoData provide connection in those regions only for a reduced price. Read more about our different GoData options here.

How many GBs do I need to stream video?

Outside of heavy internet downloads, video streaming requires the most data out of all web-based activities. For every hour of binging Netflix, meeting on Zoom, or watching Youtube, users consume around 1-3 GBs of data, depending on the quality of the video (standard, HD, or UHD). With Solis GoData, users can purchase the GBs they need ahead of time, or turn on GB auto-renewal to ensure they never run out of data to stream!

GBs You Need

  Standard Definition  High Definition  Ultra High Definition
One Hour 1 1.5 - 3 7
Two Hours  2 3 - 6 14
Three Hours 3 4.5 - 9  21
Four or More Hours 4+ 8+ 28+


Most streaming platforms and applications provide detailed descriptions on data consumption per hour. This information can be found on their websites, blog posts and other resources if you ever need to lookup. 

How to Optimize your Streaming: 

1. Opt for a lower resolution.

Adjust the resolution settings on your videos or streaming platforms to make your data go further. SD or HD quality is sufficient for on-the-go entertainment. 

2. Stock up on GBs before starting.

Calculate the number of GBs you will need for the amount of time you will be streaming at a given image quality. Add this quantity to your GoData subscription through the Solis App (available in App Store or Google Play store) or our Web Portal. 

3. Close Apps on your device to limit excess data use. 

Applications that are left open will continue to use data even when you are not actively using them. Be sure to close all unused apps to ensure your data is reserved for streaming video. 

4. Avoid "high-traffic" streaming hours.

The most popular times to watch Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services is from 5pm-9pm. Due to the higher probability of network congestion, avoid streaming during these times to help optimize data speeds and overall experience.


We believe that GoData Subscriptions give our users the most flexibility to customize their monthly spend on WiFi service, and ensure access to high-speed GBs for video streaming. Sign up for Global, US, EU, or Asia GoData today and start streaming today!

 If you are consistently video streaming, downloading large files, or performing other data-heavy tasks from your Solis hotspot, we also recommend trying an Unlimited Data Plan. These service plans give you 20GBs of high-speed data per month, followed by reduced speeds thereafter. Similar to GoData, our Unlimited Data Plan now allows users to top-up with more high-speed GBs if they expect to surpass their monthly limit. This functionality will allow subscribers to prepare for video streaming if they are out of high-speed data for the month. 


Please note that mobile hotspots in general are not optimized for constant video streaming, gaming, or consistently hefty data consumption like a home WiFi router. These tips and recommendations are meant to assist with video streaming optimization rather than provide a guaranteed speed or performance. 


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