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Internet access is important during your business trips because it keeps your communication virtual at times it cannot be interpersonal. Regardless of your position, your continued presence is important to the ongoing success of the business.

As you jet across the country to meet suppliers, attend conferences, visit project sites, or build new partnerships, you know that part of your time will be spent online. To continue with seamless business operations it is imperative to have reliable internet connections. There are some ways to consider how you might spend your time during your travels. Will you be in many meetings? Will you be touring job sites before returning to the hotel room? What about online access during a meeting? And what about at the end of the day in your hotel room?


If your job entails preparing for an important presentation, you’ll likely need to access company documents and other research. It is possible you might need to jump on the shared drive and respond to comments on a report. Maybe accessing documents isn’t a necessity, but basic email access is still a crucial part of staying connected with your work peers. To maximize your internet connection during a business trip, you need the right tools and practices to get the job done. So we’ve collected ways to answer the big question: “How do I maximize my internet connection during a business trip?”


Add an International Phone Plan

If your business trip will be brief and you won’t need anything more than email and minor internet access, you might find an international phone plan to be sufficient. International plans let you continue your domestic coverage out of the country, without roaming charges. 

To set this up, you would sign in to your wireless carrier account and activate an international plan, selecting the date you want it to take effect. Take note of your options and choose the one that best fits your needs. Some carriers like Verizon and AT&T let you choose a monthly plan or a daily plan. Other carriers, including T-Mobile and Sprint, have roaming add-ons or data allowance passes. 


Use a Skyroam Solis Hotspot Device 

If you’re expecting heavy internet usage, you need steady online access. An excellent option is to use a portable mobile hotspot device, such as a Solis Hotspot. Essentially, hotspot devices operate on battery power, although the battery can last up to 16+ hours (this is if you are using a Solis hotspot). Hotspots create a private and secure internet connection just for you. You can also connect your tablet, laptop, and phone to the Wi-Fi network, with a Solis Hotspot, you can connect up to ten personal devices!

Hotspot devices usually offer a number of plans like daily and monthly subscriptions; but then there are options for GoData and Pay-Per-GB where you pay for what you use if subscribing to a set plan isn’t your cup of tea. 

Keep in mind that some portable hotspots are better suited to international travel, while others are more country-specific. Check the product specifications for details. Although a Skyroam Solis hotspot can keep you connected in 130+ countries. 

Buy a Wi-Fi Dongle 

These devices look similar to a USB flash drive and plug directly into the USB port on your laptop or other power source. The dongle will create a portable hotspot specifically for your laptop, phone, or tablet, letting you access a secure network on which you can safely complete your business tasks. Typically, you’ll pay for data usage in a monthly plan or a prepaid plan.

Use Hotspot Tethering on Your Phone

If you have an unlimited data plan for your phone, you might consider using hotspot tethering. You can turn on the mobile hotspot in your phone’s settings and let it convert to a Wi-Fi signal. Once your phone displays the signal, create a secure password for the network; then you can connect your laptop or tablet for instant internet access. 

Keep in mind that you will incur roaming charges on your next phone bill unless you’ve set up an international data plan. This option will also drain your phone battery, so you’ll only want to do this when close to a power outlet. Unlike Skyroam, when using this option you’ll only have access to your phone company’s cellular towers; while we partner with a variety of carriers to keep you connected in all of our coverage areas.

Consider Hotel Wi-Fi 

You may consider using the Wi-Fi available in the comfort of your hotel room if you don’t need to access sensitive company files or other important accounts. What if privacy is your main concern? Skyroam has you covered: we offer a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for your Solis  hotspot. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your data and can be used on  all of your device

Add a Travel Wi-Fi Range Extender

Wi-Fi extenders amplify an existing signal and help it reach through any dead zones. For a weak hotel signal, a Wi-Fi extender can get you the internet service you need without the additional  steps.

There are three main extender options: a USB dongle extender (not to be confused with a Wi-Fi dongle) that plugs into your laptop, a freestanding battery-operated extender, and a wall socket extender. Some of the battery-operated and wall socket extenders have antennas for a longer range. 

Use an Ethernet Cable

If you only use the internet in your hotel room, you might prefer to switch to a wired connection. Purchase a short Ethernet cable that you can plug into the hotel’s wired internet, which is typically located on the desk in your room. By working from a wired connection, you won’t have to worry about competing with other hotel guests for a strong signal. 

Whether you use a laptop dongle, a Skyroam Solis hotspot, or a simple wired connection in your hotel room, you’ll get to enjoy your next business trip without having to worry about how to get connected to the internet!


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