New Year’s resolutions normally consist of aspirations such as weight loss, better health, prosperity, etc. But tech resolutions are a different kind of ball game. You’re thinking, would I possibly consider a new year resolution with technology? 

There are a few things to consider. Many people forget that technology comes with more than just being cared for externally, but internally as well. Something as simple as pushing back a computer update can lead to security vulnerability, conflicts with programs, and slower start up times. 

But what if you made a pact to keep your technology updated for the year? Such a minor and almost effortless resolution that requires nothing but a click of a button. Literally. Here are a few more tech resolutions to consider for the year of 2022: 

Use A Password Manager

There are plenty of perks to using a password manager such as not having to remember every password for every website. Password managers not only remember your password for you but they store your data using encryption. This scrambles the data making it tough for hackers to access your personal information that you enter online such as credit card information or your social security number.

Keeping Your Current Technology New 

A new year usually brings new technology, but this doesn’t mean you have to ditch your old for the new. You could do some sprucing up with internal software updates like updating your Solis’ firmware, in addition to making external additions such as a new case or cover for your device. You’d be amazed at what a new  phone case can do to your cellular device. There are many ways to make your laptop look brand new like cleaning the keyboard and placing a keyboard cover or decorating it with stickers and/or a case. 

Backup Files 

Have you ever worked on a word document and something magically happens that deletes it all before you press save? Thanks to autosave that is no longer a worry; this is the same concern you should have about backing up your computer files! Backing up can be a long process that many despise. It gets in the way of your tech journey temporarily and you can’t really use the devices involved in the backup until you’re done. 

If you backup your device regularly it can decrease your backup time because you’re backing up smaller increments of files over time rather than an overbearing amount of data at once that can take several files. In fact, it’s recommended to back up your devices once a day if you could. Backups protect your device from situations like human errors, hardware failures, viruses, power failure, natural disasters, and more. 

Learn When To Mute Notifications 

Many people find themselves needing to be readily available virtually all the time. You don’t need to! It’s okay to take time from your technology and relax. Increased hours of technology usage can lead to headaches and eye fatigue. Try to detox and rest your eyes for a few hours each day. Brands like Apple have created features on iPhones where you can automatically mute your notifications for a set time every day until you choose to unmute them. There are also apps such as RescueTime and StayFocusd that monitor your browsing habits and limit your time on certain apps and websites!


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a connection method used on public and private networks to add security, privacy, and access content on location-based blocked sites.You can use VPN for several reasons like, staying secure, keeping your information private, and accessing content without being blocked because of your physical location.

Solis VPN encrypts Internet traffic and routes it through a remote server. It hides and replaces the IP address to allow security, privacy and access to content. 


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