Solis' Participation in Air Quality Monitoring in Australia – soliswifi

Solis users all over the world have found, and continue to find, creative and innovative ways to use their Solis Hotspots. From providing reliable WiFi connection in remote areas during quarantine, to monitoring air quality in Australia, Skyroamers continue to change the need for a Solis Hotspot adding to the list of reasons to use Skyroam.

Companies like Aetmos have been tasked with an operation taking place in Australia to monitor air quality in major Australian cities. The environment in Australia is a major concern due to the reduced air quality from fires that have affected wildlife, children, as well as elderly and pregnant people.
As a resolution, the Australian government has been monitoring air quality 24/7. Aetmos has integrated Solis Lite into some of its monitoring equipment. This Solis Lite amalgamation into their observation software plays a role in connecting the sensors to the data centers remotely. The key advantages of utilizing the Solis Lite against other competitors are:
  • Low-Powered
  • Wide Coverage
  • High Speed
  • Efficient Connectivity 
Solis was impressed with this integration of their Solis Lite and wanted to know more about the integration of their hotspot in Aetmos’ mission to monitor air quality. So we’ve decided to share the answers to the questions we had for them.


Why Did Aetmos Choose Solis?

“What made us look at Solis in the first place was its ability to change networks automatically should the main provider be down. This made sense to us as the infrastructure we had proposed needed to be solid and include simple fail-safes in the event of an emergency.”

In detail, what are the uses for the Solis Lite in your software?

“We currently use a mix of Solis and Solis Lite Hotspots for the following use cases:
  • Custom air quality and occupancy sensor platform/solution for Melbourne University’s Sustainable and Healthy Environment Lab.
    • These devices transmit data from a suite of sensors in real-time to capture several parameters deemed of importance by the Lab.  Solis Hotspot handles this data transmission very well. It is powered by a system computer using a simple plug-and-play USB port. Data integrity is critical here so a solid network with built-in fail-safes is required for these devices.
  • When the deployment of our real-time air quality monitoring devices is installed by a client, there isn’t any wifi access for IoT systems onsite.”

What are your overall thoughts on Solis Lite in your integration equipment for air quality measurements?

“We’ve had some contacts test the Solis in pretty remote areas for us with all reports coming back that the coverage is fantastic. The Solis Hotspots are reliable, robust, and affordable! We have no problems flying with 5-10 of these around the country.
The Solis Hotspot has got us out of trouble several times when traveling across Australia to complete an installation. We just set up a few Solis Hotspots and within an hour we have a secure Adhoc network transmitting data back to AWS.
These are generally temporary deployments of Solis devices until network access is sorted onsite, but for us, it means we can arrive, provision, and commission without having to return at a later date - meaning we’re not holding up projects - or incurring additional travel, and accommodation costs somewhere interstate.”



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