Roaming the Sky: Countries Lifting Travel Restrictions Spring 2021 – soliswifi

With coverage in more than 130+ countries and restrictions being lifted in some, many Skyroamers are eager to travel, safely and healthy of course! It is imperative that before you plan your trip; you ensure what kind of travel restrictions your destination may have before booking your next flight. We’ve tried to make planning a little easier by drafting a list of places that are open for visiting.

Although we have a curated list of countries, it is best to do your own research and review travel restrictions for each country (as this list is subject to change at any time).

* The countries on the following list are open for visitors under certain regulations, such as, providing a negative COVID-19 test result and/or quarantine to enter if you have not been vaccinated:


Known for its ecologically significant coral reefs and beaches, Anguilla makes a great summer destination.



Offering the cleanest, but rockiest beaches in Europe, Croatia is still a great destination for not only the summer but year-round. The mild winter in coastal regions makes for a great winter getaway, in addition to the entertainment provided year-round.



Considered the original island of love, although small, it holds a lot of history. It is also the home of the oldest wine label, Commandaria.


Famous for its rich wildlife in the Amazonian rain forests and a coastline of pure beaches. Ecuador also has a shared history with the ancient Inca civilization.



The birthplace of democracy, the cradle of western civilization, and its popular Olympics, why wouldn’t this be on your bucket list.



With rich natural resources, like minerals, coffee, tropical fruit and sugar cane, and its textile industry. Honduras serves as an international market, but also a fruitful place to plan your next visit and respectfully learn about the beautiful things the country has to offer.



The land of ice and fire is a land worth visiting! If you desire to tour the inside of a volcano; this is one of your biggest stops to make.



Home to unique animals, breathtaking marine life, amazing artwork, eccentric boutique hotels, and more. Mexico is a staple in the traveling scene!



Puerto Rico

An island of many treasures: from hotel strips, bars, and casinos to mountains, waterfalls, and tropical rainforests.


Saint Lucia

What makes this country so unique is being the first named after a woman, in addition to the many things it has to offer: street parties, drive-in volcanoes, exclusive eateries, and more.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

This country is well known for its major sailing destinations, like Bequia Island. Saint Vincent is home to 36 emerald volcanic islands that stretch south towards Grenada offering plenty of pristine beaches and bays with mega yachts!



Why not visit the heart of Europe? With four to five ski resorts to offer that include 55KM slopes and 15 lifts.



Offering walk-through safaris and leopard valleys, Zambia gives many reasons to travel.

Being one of the safest countries in Africa, it could be in the plan to spend the night out in the remote wilderness. But you won’t miss out on too much with a Solis Hotspot in hand!


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