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Everybody loves options. Options allow us to find the best opportunities available!

When traffic is bad, we can adjust our driving route to find a better way to get to our destination. When hunger strikes, we don't have to settle for one restaurant, we can choose the best option available based on our location and preferences. Solsi hotspots were designed with this in mind and that is what makes them so unique - enter SignalScan™.

SignalScan™ allows Solis hotspots to find you the best local connection in your area based on the multiple carriers available on the Solis network. If you are not satisfied with the data signal you receive, no problem, just initiate the new  SignalScan™ feature through the Solis WiFi App to reset your data signal on your own accord and always have the best quality WiFi connection no matter where you roam! 

What is SignalScan™?

SignalScan™ is the proprietary functionality that allows Solis users to reset their data signal as needed. When activated, SignalScan™ scans all of the available carrier networks in a given area to find the best local signal for your hotspot to connect. Unlike other hotspots, Solis is not limited to 1 carrier network. Located in the Solis WiFi App, users can now activate the SignalScan™ feature to ensure their hotspot is connected to the strongest WiFi signal available in the area.

As an avid domestic traveler myself and an everyday Solis user, my hotspot sees a lot of action. Because I frequently wake up in new locations and use a lot of data day-to-day, sometimes my Solis Solis X needs a signal reset. With SignalScan™, I can connect with confidence and know that my hotspot is always operating on the strongest signal in my area, all conveniently through the Solis WiFi App on my phone! 

How does SignalScan™ benefit my hotspot experience? 

Because the Solis network is composed of countless local carriers in over 135 countries around the world, Solis hotspots are designed to automatically find and connect to the best signal during the initial boot-up process, powered behind the scenes by SignalScan™. Some carriers are stronger than others in certain parts of the world, and it is our mission to not only offer multiple carriers on our network, but also offer the functionality to help you find the best one. Our users, whether they are international travelers or domestic connectors, can utilize multiple carrier networks for their internet connection rather than just one. And when one network is not preforming at its best, it's easy to switch to another. 

Here are the major benefits of this feature: 

  • You have WiFi options! SignalScan™ allows you to search your area for a better connection if you need it, where other hotspots cannot.
  • More seamless connectivity as you travel or move through different areas in a short amount of time. 
  • Peace of mind when you connect to the Solis network, that the multiple carrier options ensure you can find back-up connection through a different carrier if one begins to slow. 
  • You have access to optimal internet connection based on location with no SIM cards to configure or swap out.


Is SignalScan™ a new feature of Solis Hotspots? 

Not exactly! Solis hotspots have always been able to find the best connection when booting up, through an automatic SignalScan™ of their own, but now our users can initiate a SignalScan™ reset through the Solis WiFi App as they travel through different places or need a re-scan of their connection. The manual feature of SignalScan™ is the newest addition to this functionality that is unique to Solis hotspots. 

When can I use SignalScan™? Where can I access it?

SignalScan™ can be activated anytime a user wants to reset their signal, as long as they are connected to Solis WiFi. It may be an option if a user has been connected to their hotspot for more than 5 hours, if they are moving through different regions in the same day or if they are not satisfied with the connection they receive when turning on the hotspot initially. Currently, SignalScan™ can be used anywhere in the United States of America (Hawaii and Alaska included), as long as a user's hotspot has the latest firmware and latest Solis WiFi App update! 

How to access the SignalScan™ feature through the Solis WiFi App: 

  • Open the Solis App, login to your Solis account and connect to your hotspot. 
  • Click the hamburger menu in the top right hand side of the Status page and find the SignalScan™ icon. 
  • Activate SignalScan™ for a signal reset anytime! Users are limited to 3 SignalScans per hour at this time. 

SignalScan™ is currently available to all Solis Hotspots in the USA (Solis, Solis X, and Solis Lite). Device must be on the following firmware or later ( Solis Lite, Solis X). Solis WiFi App must be version 2.4.2 or later.



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