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WiFi Anywhere

Global WiFi in 130+ countries, No SIM cards needed

4700 mAh Power Bank

Be your own charging station

Share With Up To 10 Devices

Connect your laptop, phone and tablet or with others

How it works

1. Grab a Solis Global Hotspot

Have your own private, secure and portable WiFi connection wherever you go. Solis Hotspots use patented vSIM technology to seamlessly connect to local mobile networks. No SIM cards or tedious configuration needed.

2. Download Solis WiFi App

After creating your account and connect a Solis Hotspot, you can manage your account, buy and pause service plans, monitor your data usage or connect to customer support via live chat anytime.

The Solis WiFi app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

3. Choose Your WiFi Plan

Find the best WiFi option for you. Choose Pay-Per-GB for maximum flexibility, buy a 24-hour Daypass for day trips, or subscribe to our unlimited data plan for frequent users wanting monthly coverage. VPN service also available for extra security and privacy.

4. Enjoy WiFi Anywhere

With our multi-carrier mobile network and patented SignalScan™, you can connect to the strongest available signal in your area. Stay connected from across town or across the world!

Handy, practical and with a sleek design!

"Works great. I use this as a primary source of Internet as I live in a rural area. I initially purchased per gigabyte and it was expensive so I switched to the unlimited plan. I work from home and it does what is needed. I was skeptical at first but it works very well."


Always stay connected

"I absolutely love this product! It is a must have whether you are traveling or even working from home. Recently my home internet has been going in an out so it has been great to have this Solis x as a backup so my family and I can stay connected. Especially since you are able to connect multiple devices to the internet!"