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Thanksgiving, the act of giving thanks; and while being thankful for the internet may not be the first thing you would have chosen to be thankful for...there are many reasons to consider why we should be thankful for it. Some may see the internet as a progression towards world laziness and corruption of in person communication and memories; but with the Covid-19 Pandemic, virtuality was a true help. And while many things still remain virtual, 2021 is the year of being thankful for technology. So what are some reasons Solis is thankful for the internet?

1. Online Shopping 

People from all over the world have access to things at the click of a button, that may not be easy to find or for sale in their local communities. With websites like Amazon, you have access to thousands of items with a quick delivery rate of two or less days (with Amazon Prime). So you can choose your new coffee maker and receive it in your pajamas! You can also support and shop small businesses on marketplace platforms like Etsy and find unique items and/or gifts.

While shopping online may cause a concern of a negative environment of packaging and gas; many platforms like Etsy are offsetting carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on deliveries. There are other websites beginning to participate in the same practices to reduce the amount of air pollution. 

Online shopping provides a wider selection at better deals and sometimes even better return policies. You also don’t have the pressure of a sales person on the floor convincing you why you need a new blender; so you’re free to shop pressure free! Shopping online allows you to have better control of your spending and what you actually need, you aren’t persuaded by the end caps or sales in bypassing stores. 

2. Remote Work & School 

When the pandemic hit, work and school were major concerns. For companies and schools who haven’t been participating virtually, it was a major and chaotic switch. But once guidelines were set in place, many people appreciated the convenience of being able to work or learn from the space they call home. In fact, there were studies that students were thriving during remote learning vs in person learning. This could be the ability to focus on just their work in a quiet setting with the supervision of a parent or guardian. 

Remote workers also stated that they noticed an increase in their productivity, in addition to having more time and fewer distractions. Fur baby parents also appreciated being able to stay home with their four legged babies. So being able to work or learn virtually had major benefits! Many companies have decided to stay fully remote even with the option to go back to the office because remote work has been going so well for employees and employers alike! 

3. Research & Education 

Search engines like Google, make it possible to find out almost anything that comes to mind with a two second search. The internet has created a platform to share information and research that many have not had access to, or allowing those in low populated areas to access information that reaches bigger populations first. With the internet we are able to research our favorite artists, the World’s First McDonalds, America’s #1 Breed of Dog, and many more interests or questions that people have.

The internet allows those that may not have access to affordable education to provide themselves with knowledge and beneficial information. This research goes beyond a textbook, and if you do need a textbook for reference you can find those for cheap as well online. There are plenty of websites providing free PDF documents to textbooks or discounted older editions. 

4. Delivery Services 

Need a ride? Hello Uber. Sushi for dinner? There is Grubhub. In need of a cleaner or housework? It is Handy. Out for the weekend and need a dog sitter? There is WAG. Today’s society offers a plethora of delivery apps anywhere from wine and alcohol, to food and groceries, to pet and baby items. While services may not be offered in specific areas like off grid and rural; they still are a major convenience in big cities! Delivery services are a great help to those who have no access to transportation or can’t leave their house for any reason. Maybe you’re stuck at work and lunch needs to come to you. Despite the reason, delivery services make it easier and you have access to a plethora of delivery sites online at your computer or mobile phone! 

5. Online Banking 

So you’re out to dinner and realize you’re short on cash. You don’t want to look like you fell short of your part of the bill, but then you remember there’s Venmo. Online banking saves the day! Whether you’re using your online banking to make frequent purchases or for an emergency method of payment, there is a use for it. Many people are still stuck on regular forms of payment such as cash, check, debit or credit but online banking has its perks such as: mobile check deposit (to save yourself a trip to the bank), instant notifications of changes to your account or suspicious activity, and the chance to go green with paperless statements (this is a plus if you despise an accumulation of paper). 

6. Video Calls 

Video calling is a feature many were thankful for amidst the pandemic. It allowed many to see their loved ones and stay a part of their lives. Video calling or features like live streaming made 

it possible to still make special memories all while watching from home. This still remains to be a favorite form of distant communication today and is helpful in situations such as deployments, long distance relationships, etc. 

 7. Job Opportunities 

With the prevalence of online duties, there are a variety of jobs you can get online. You can work for a company as an Online Customer Support Agent or do something freelance such as a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork provide plenty of online opportunities. If you prefer to work for yourself, you can look into other things such as blogging and/or becoming a social media influencer. 

There are many other ways that the internet has helped us as a society and other reasons to be thankful. As time and technology progresses, we will constantly have reason to be thankful because the way we use the internet continues to evolve, from research to online therapy. What’s your reason for being thankful for the internet? Let us know in the comments of our Thanksgiving social media post! 



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